German Armand Marseille dolls, in production 1885 to 1930s

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Armand Marseille all brown composition character doll, all painted features, flange head on ‘Squeeze box’ sitting body the mechanism raises the arms with bells attached 12 cm seated height, marked a M German Armand Marseille bisque shoulder plate character boy doll all moulded painted features with light brown mohair wig on jointed leatherette body with composition lower limbs 48 cm marked a 3 M Germany Show 1 more like this. Armand Marseille brown bisque shoulder plate doll dark pupiless eyes, black mohair wig on rag body with bisque hands 27 cm wearing full length skirt with wool cape Show 2 more like this. Two German painted bisque character baby dolls sleeping eyes, rag and bent limb bodies 22 cm, 16 cm marked Germany And Am Show 1 more like this. Armand Marseille bisque dream baby doll blue sleeping eyes closed mouth on bent limb body

Composition doll

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Doll is made of ALL COMPOSITION. Composition is a wood/sawdust based material that was used to make most play dolls in the s and early s. It has to.

Dolls date back to BC and were originally crafted to be wooden paddle dolls, which have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Over the centuries, designs have changed. Dolls have been variously constructed of clay, wood, rags and ivory. Today, they are commonly used as toys and collector items for those who appreciate their looks and charm. This selection of dolls includes items that date back to different time periods and include unique features like hand-painted details and hand-sewn garments.

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I love composition dolls

Dolls, the playthings we know today, began their lives as something quite different. Called poppets or puppets originally, they were created as educational tools and for use in religious ceremonies. As icons, creche figures, totems, effigies, votive artifacts , offerings, masks, and other stand-ins for human figures, they were ritualistically used. Those poppets lucky enough to have survived the ceremonies were often given to children as playthings.

Certainly children delighted to have them — for just as use of poppets in religious ceremonies began to wane, dolls started to become the playthings we know today.

This book is a dependable resource for identifying and pricing composition dolls dated from through Composition Dolls Identification and Price.

Porcelain dolls can be found at hundreds of estate sales nationwide each week. An interest in antique porcelain dolls grew quickly when batches were made to depict certain famous people. Doll manufacturing spread across the world with many dolls mostly manufactured in Europe, Australia and the United States. Antique porcelain, china, or bisque dolls are the most common, but antique dolls can also be made from various materials.

Composition, resin, rubber, vinyl, and wood dolls can also be found. Generally, the highest value antique dolls are Bisque antique dolls. Imagine arriving at an estate sale with hundreds of antique porcelain dolls to research and price. It has to be affordable enough for potential buyers, yet brings fair market value for the seller. Here are some resources to help you identify and price antique porcelain dolls at estate sales.

It was made by Albert Marque in , Marque was a French sculptor and the doll was made from a set of dolls. Once you found an identifier, you can use it to search online. If in doubt, always rely on a professional appraiser. French and German dolls are the most valuable, but even certain French dolls used German heads on their doll creations. Germany is where most of the dolls were manufactured, decorated in French clothing and accessories, later sold in France.

Dating composition dolls

This webpage is meant to help you identify which Shirley Temple doll you have. I have provided a range of prices to help you determine the value of your Shirley Temple doll, remember, this is just an estimate. Also, please remember, most of these dolls were made a while ago and came out for multiple years, there were slightly different model numbers made of the same doll with a few other minor differences. Identify your Shirley Temple dolls.

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Composition dolls overtook the market for bisque dolls in the early 20th Century. Hailed by American dollmaking companies as unbreakable compared to bisque also often called porcelain dolls, the novelty of the new material for doll heads, coupled with World War I, helped to bring down the once-mighty German dollmaking industry, and helped to make America the premier dollmaking country of the early-to-mid 20th Century.

The composition is generally a mixture of glue mixed with sawdust. Heavier and denser than paper mache, composition is easily molded and is thus an excellent material to make doll heads. Composition was used to make doll bodies for many years, from approximately the late s, long before it was widely used to make doll heads. Since the material a doll head is made from determines the type of doll, only dolls with heads made of composition are referred to as composition dolls.

Composition dolls were made from approximately through the early s.

5 Tips for Cleaning Composition Dolls

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Among others, there are cloth dolls, wooden dolls, wax dolls, plastic dolls, vinyl dolls, metal-headed dolls, celluloid dolls, composition dolls and dolls with heads, arms and legs made from porcelain.

My composition doll collection is expanding. By using this book to identify and establish value before purchasing, I’ve been able to determine if the asking price​.

There are lots that match your search criteria. Subscribe now to get instant access to the full price guide service. An Armand Marseille bisque head doll, having rolling eyes loose but present , open mouth with four top teeth showing, jointed composition body, marked to the back of the head Armand Marseille A11M, in original box with some dolls clothesCondition report: No apparent damage.

Good and original overall. Three various Armand Marseille dolls including a black baby doll No. A quantity of early 20th century porcelain dolls, including Armand Marseille, Kewpie and small miniatures, qty. Armand Marseille Germany bisque head baby doll, head stamp, sleeping eyes, open mouth, composition body, 47cm, along with three other composition head baby dolls.

Two Armand Marseille Germany dolls, A7M, with sleepy eyes and open mouths, both with period clothes, length of each 55cm 2. Four antique dolls to include an Armand Marseille Germany example, with sleepy eyes and closed mouth, length 52cm, AM8DEP , made in Germany, with sleepy eyes and open mouth, length 50cm, an Armand Marseille Germany example, A7M, with open eyes and open mouth, length 56cm and an unmarked German example with sleepy eyes and open mouth, length 45cm 4.

Five large antique and vintage dolls including an Armand Marseille Germany example, Seven antique and vintage medium-size dolls to include an Armand Marseille example,

Dating kewpie dolls

Any serious collector wants his or her prized collection to be in tip-top shape. But when you’re dealing with items that are well over 50 years old, you’re bound to have to work around some of the inevitable issues that come with aging. And that rings true for composition dolls, made of a unique blend of wood, wax and lacquer that require the proper care to make them last.

– Vintage Composition Dolls Makers Models Dates etc Scarce Book | eBay.

Composition dolls began to replace porcelain and bisque dolls in the American market during the early part of the 20th century. This transition took place because of two different factors. First, because of World War I, Americans stopped buying imported German dolls, which enabled dolls from other places to make their entrance. Second, this type of doll became preferable because they were much less expensive and much less likely to break than bisque dolls.

Due to these factors, composition dolls became very popular in America starting in the s. In the late s, the development of hard plastic as a doll manufacturing material began to phase out the material. Hard plastic eventually pushed composition out of the market in the s, simply because hard plastic was even more durable. Composition dolls were made of a mixture of wood pulp and glue, which was formed using molds and allowed to harden.

The dolls were then painted with a thick layer of flesh-colored paint. On top of the flesh paint were painted features, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips, and blush on the cheeks, the backs of the hands, elbows, and knees. A layer of sealant or varnish was painted over this to protect the features and seal the composition.

The Lovely & Disturbing: The History Of Wax Dolls

She is gorgeous. Her eyes are nice. She seems to be in good condition for age. Her head is loose and so are her ams. Some light soiling and wear on doll. Some paint loss at neck.

Picked up an antique composition/cloth 16″ baby doll with a voice box, paid $5. Ari Vintage Miniature trying to determine value and date from the marking.

During the Nippon era the Japanese produced a wide variety of bisque dolls. Dolls produced by Japanese manufacturers include:. Nippon Dolls. Dolls produced by Japanese manufacturers include: All-bisque dolls – There are literally hundreds of different shapes and designs of Nippon-marked all-bisque dolls. Additionally, they came out with many new designs.

Morimura Brothers produced a number of original designs including Queue San Baby and Dolly, both of which were patented in the United States. Dolls with molded clothes, figurals including bathtub babies , dolls with jointed arms and legs, and unusual dolls such as piano babies are just a few of the different types of Nippon all-bisque dolls that were made.

Small bisque head dolls – Around the Japanese also started producing small bisque head dolls with cloth or composition bodies. These dolls are usually found with red or white muslin bodies but occasionally it’s possible to find one with a “ABC” cloth body. More popular with collectors are those small Nippon dolls with bisque heads and bodies made of composition or papier-mache.

These Nippon bisque-head dolls are generally small in size with most being less than 10 inches tall.

Antique Composition Dolls

American English. French German. Rest of World By Material.

The 37 best doll collecting books, such as Hopi Kachinas, Collecting Dolls, Living an informative book which will help doll enthusiasts to identify and date dolls and R. Mertz – Collector’s Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls -​.

Choosing the right collectible doll , therefore, is largely a matter of deciding which type of material is most appealing to you. Cloth dolls : A collectible doll that is made of cloth. Many cloth dolls have flat cloth faces with hand-painted features, wigs made of yarn, and clothing made by hand. The best-known examples are the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

Composition dolls : Composition dolls are made up of a mixture of several compounds such as sawdust, paper, glue, and plaster of paris. Bisque dolls : Made of tinted, unglazed porcelain.


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